Core is a platformer shared on scratch by the user, 211A. Core was shared on April 1, 2016 and has drawn 84 views as of November 29, 2016.


211A's first project, Packet Game drew in no views during the immediate time after it was shared on December 3, 2014, but as 211A gained more views after Soft Cats platformer was shared, it gained 9 views. However, Core gained 84 views, 5 loves and 7 favorites. It also has received NO criticism, and most of the comments relay a positive reception.


The Player spawns in a sort of red cavern, and first encounters a strange grey enemy. Next, the Player encounters a purple enemy that can spit at range at the player. On the eighth level, the Player meets the first boss. This Boss is not super hard, but the music might come as a little shock. After it is defeated, the player receives a life restoring apple. Later, the player meets semi-dangerous spitter elites that have a blob of ascitic goop. On the fifteenth level, the Player meets the Core.


The Core is on the easier side of bosses. It will try to squash the player with meteors, zap him/her with lasers and strike the player with lightning. after all of these attacks are survived, the player will be sucked into the core, and will have a chance to hit the it. If the player manages to do this four times, then the core will explode and the player will win.