Soft_Cats_platformer is a program on scratch created by 211A.

Reception and History

This project was part of 211A productions season 3 and was first shared on March 12, 2016. This project has inspired a remix, and loved by 7 scratchers plus an additional 6 favorites. It has been added to many animal studios and many platforming studios. However, it is a very basic project as far as platformers go, but has somehow achieved a better reception than any of its sequels.

It has more views, equal loves and more favorites than Core, but has not gathered as much feedback as the newer platformer. This could be attributed to the fact that Core is more of a real platformer that Soft Cats platformer. Soft Cats platformer has few changes in altitude and the speed is a little unrealistic. The platformer shared on April 1, 2016 however, has many jumps and tricks.


The player spawns in a sort of rocky area, then he/she can make his/her way to several hunters. The first boss is an Andrewsarchus. The second boss is a Paraceratherium, and the final boss is an Oshkosh HET.